Big or Small
High or Low
                                  New & Old World Finishes for the Distinctive Home or Business
                          Bringing to life a unique blend of artistic beauty coupled with technical excellence.

Impress Designs & Decorative Finishes is a decorative painting studio based in Brooklyn Heights NY.  We offer a wide
variety of fine designs in a diverse range of periods, styles and elegance to enrich your walls, spaces, architectural
elements and more with subtle and sophisticated specialty finishes.

We supply complete solutions by collaborating with Home Owners, Interior Designers, Architects and Contractors
for Interior Residential and Commercial projects.

We deliver high quality and cost effective finishes with fabulous results within your projects time line.

Certified Artisan's with over 20 years of experience in the field with small and large scale projects using Old World
Traditional as well as Contemporary to Modern custom designs.

Our Specialties include:

  • DecoPalette & Venetian Plaster Systems:
Unique surface finishes that are hand applied with a trowel to create a multi-layered textural effect to the likeness of
Polished Marble, Stone, Frescoes and more.

  • Decorative Painting:
Wood Graining - Metal Effects - Crackles - Marbleizing - Strie' - Stenciling - Antiquing - Metal Leafing and more.

  • Faux Finishing:
Glazing - Color Washing - Special Effects - Patterns - Anaglypta - Translucent - Opaques - Pearls - Opals and more.

  • Interior Restorations:
Enhancing the beauty & details of pieces old or new.

                   We will help you create the setting you seek in bringing diverse ideas together.
  • Venetian plastered walls & columns
  • Venetian plastered & glazed mural
  • Painted grape leaves & vines
  • Aggregate relief blocks
  • Decorative plastered aged ceiling

                                 Designs will be tailored to suit your style, colours & decor.

Product Friendly, high quality finishes that are durable, non-corrosive & seamless.

                     Associated with anything that is set up inside a breathing space.

                                                                          Designs to fit your space and budget.

                                                                                Enhances the value of your home.

Portfolio of actual job samples are available for your viewing.
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